Tsingshan Industrial to Promote Green Industrial Park Project in Mozambique


Tsingshan Industrial and the Mozambican government signed a memorandum of cooperation on the country´s largest green industrial park, a port terminal, the African Grand Corridor and other projects.

According to a company statement, the deal was signed by the company with Mozambique´s Ministry of Industry and Trade’s permanent secretary (pictured above), with the presence of minister Silvino Moreno.

“Tsingshan Industrial will invest in phases in Mozambique, and is committed to planning, building and operating the largest green industrial park in Africa within ten years”, the company said.

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This industrial park, it adds, will also be “the largest special economic zone and industrial tax-free zone established in Mozambique”, located in Sofala Province.

The industrial park covers an area of ​​about 30,000 hectares and will include industrial, energy and living and business zones.

The park plans to support infrastructure such as roads, ports, photovoltaic power plants, power transmission and transformation lines, water supply systems, and bonded logistics warehouses, the company said.

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The industrial zone will also deploy three major industrial chains: mineral resource finishing, new energy batteries, and solar photovoltaics.

“The energy zone will be mainly located in Tete Province, and the entire park will comprehensively develop and utilize clean energy such as hydropower, solar energy, and wind energy. The total future electricity consumption is planned to reach 7.5GW”, Tsingshan Industrial added.

The government promised to fully support the advancement of the project, and the cabinet meeting of ministers will authorize various licensing rights of the project “as soon as possible to provide solid support for its smooth implementation”, according to the company.

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Sun Jianqiang, director of Mozambique Green Industrial Park, said the company will work with the Mozambican government to jointly develop local mineral resources and learn from Tsingshan’s industrial park in Indonesia.

“After the park is completed, it will attract more global industry leaders to settle in, fill the gap in Mozambique’s industrial field, and promote the revitalization of the country’s industrialization, to attract Chinese and foreign enterprises from landlocked countries in East and South Africa to develop together and win-win cooperation, lay a solid foundation for the development of China-Mozambique relations, and add a strong color to the economic development of Africa”, the company added.


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