More Than Half of Electric Cars Sold in Brazil Were Made in China

More than half of electric cars sold in Brazil were made in China, according to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade and Services.

China sold 37,612 electric cars to Brazil since 2017, when such imports began, which is 54% of the total electric cars sold (69,633), the same source added

The number is much higher, for example, than the 16,481 traded by India in the historical series. Belgium, in turn, sold 6,618 cars to Brazil.

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In 2023, 14,445 electric cars were sold in Brazil, and China was the source of 8,896 in the year.

Overall, China traded 35,520 of all cars imported by Brazil in 2023. The share equals 17.6% of the total.

The amount traded by the Chinese reached USD 651.4 million in the period, which represents a record for sales of cars from the Asian country. It surpasses the entire year of 2011, when it sold USD 482.5 million.

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The Chinese only lag behind Argentina, which has already sold 106,143 cars to Brazil from 1 January to 21 November 2023.

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