Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries Grieve Businessman Wu Zhiwei

The untimely death of renowned Macau businessman and philanthropist Wu Zhiwei is being grieved in the region and accross the Portuguese-speaking countries, of whose relations with China he was an enthusiast.

Nelma Fernandes, President of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CE-CPLP) expressed grief at the death, on 02 January,  of Wu, until now the head of CE-CPLP in China, based in Macau.

In a statement, Fernandes underlined Wu´s role in support of the opening of the first delegation of CE-CPLP in China through Macao and in creating conditions for access to the Chinese market.

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“A prominent personality in the business world of Macau, [Wu] was President of the Quinta da Marmeleira Group, notable jewelier through Tin Min Jade, a philanthropist who promoted culture in Portugal, Macau and China”, CE-CPLP added. Wu was also a benefactor of Fomento and Mira Rio high schools and various institutions in Portugal.

He was a member of the Electoral Council of the Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, and member of the Chinese People’s Advisory Council for the Province of Anhui.

Wu was also Vice-President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC), that reacted Thursday “with awe and great grief” to his death. Other positions held by Wu were Vice-President of PORCHAM – Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in China and member of the Macau Commercial Association.

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During the pandemic period, Wu Zhiwei was the first Portuguese entrepreneur to provide protection equipment to all Portuguese diplomatic missions in China.

“A man of high value, concerned about the well-being of people and always committed to the causes he embraced. An invaluable loss”, the Chairman of the CPLP Business Confederation added.

“We remain certain that the his mission and legacy will continue to play an important role in the construction of our Community. His family, the CPLP and the world have lost an exemplary man”, the statement said.

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In November 2023, he was awarded at the VIII CCILC Gala with the Entrepreneurial Merit Award “One Belt, One Road”.

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