Portuguese-speaking countries business council leader discusses Macao ties with businessman Wu Zhiwei


Portuguese-speaking countries Business Confederation (CE-CPLP) leader Nelma Fernandes met with Macao businessman, Wu Zhiwei to discuss ties with the Chinese Special Administrative region.

“These actions fall into the strategy defined by my presidency of bringing and creating concrete actions that turn on CPLP’s business universe to new markets”,  newly-elected Fernandes (left, center in the picture) told CLBrief after the meeting in Lisbon with the CEO of the Quinta da Marmeleira group, Wu Zhiwei (right, center in the picture).

The meeting, Fernandes added, “aimed at the active approach to Macao’s business community, considering the importance of the Greater Bay Area, and the importance of Macao as a connecting platform between the People´s Republic of China and the Portuguese -speaking countries”.

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The CE-CPLP leader also recalled that the Macao Forum celebrates this year its 20th anniversary.

The meeting was attended by two other members of the executive committee of CE-CPLP, respectively Paulo Alves and Vitório Rosário Cardoso.

Vice-president of the China-Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and major investor in the Portuguese wine sector, Wu Zhiwei has become a key figure in the local business community.


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