Turismo de Portugal Strengthens Promotion in China

by: Jessica Ferreira

Following its participation in the Macau tourism fair, Turismo de Portugal will step up its promotion in China this month, with various initiatives aimed at breaking new records.

Tiago Brito, the director of Turismo de Portugal in China, highlighted the importance of promoting Portugal in Macau, where better awareness make it possible to have more scale and attract more attention than in Mainland China.

In May, Portugal will step up its promotion in China, starting with its participation in the ITB China tourism fair in Shanghai on May 27 and 28, which will be attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Pedro Machado.

Portugal looking to boost tourism from China

Turismo de Portugal’s roadshow in China, which will take in Beijing, Guangzhou and Macau, will be attended by 20 Portuguese companies, including hotels, travel agencies, tourist entertainment and retail companies, as well as three Regional Tourism Promotion Agencies (Porto e Norte, Algarve and Centro de Portugal), the president of Turismo de Portugal, Carlos Abade, and the Secretary of State for Tourism, with the starting date being May 29.

In addition to these initiatives, Turismo de Portugal will be running marketing campaigns with online travel agencies (OTAs) and Chinese tour operators.

With the increase of the ratio of overnight stays per guest as the main focus, Turismo de Portugal’s expectations for the Chinese market to reach the 2019 figures, will be “this year or the next year at the latest”, said Tiago Brito quoted by PressTur.

Chinese Tourism in Portugal yet to recover, after record drop in 2020

The director also highlighted the importance of the Chinese market in combating seasonality in Portugal, since the Chinese travel a lot in January or February, which are the months when the Chinese New Year is celebrated.


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