Strategic Plan to be Signed at Forum Macao Conference


A new Strategic Plan is set to be signed at Forum Macao’s 6th Ministerial Conference, which will take place from 21 to 23 April.

According to a government statement, the gathering will include the signing of the Strategic Plan for Economic and Trade Co-operation (2024-2027), as well as an entrepreneurs’ conference.

The “development vision and direction” for trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries will be outlined, along with Macao’s continued function as a commercial and trade service platform.

Forum Macau With New “Lusophone” Leadership

The year will be the first in-person Forum Macao conference since October 2016, although an extraordinary ministerial conference was held online in April 2022.

The meeting comes amid a backdrop of increasing trade between China and the lusophone nations, which totalled nearly US$221 billion last year, up almost 3 percent from 2022, according to Forum Macao data.

Forum Macao was founded by the central government in 2003 to promote trade between the world’s Portuguese-speaking nations and China.

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