Portuguese-Speaking Countries Business Confederation Meets Macau Association of Banks


The Portuguese-Speaking Countries (PSC) Business Confederation´s representative to China, Wu Zhiwei, met with the Macau Association of Banks (ABM) to coordinate on supporting the development of a comprehensive service platform in Macao.

After the meeting, Wu underlined the PSC Business Confederation´s (CE-CPLP) agreement with the recommendations of ABM.

“Today, Macau has basically formed a comprehensive service platform in the fields of research, Chinese medicine, cultural tourism, exhibition trade, financial cooperation and youth entrepreneurship. The cooperation between Macau and the Portuguese-speaking country of financial services brings new opportunities and broad prospects for both sides”, Wu said.

Portuguese-Speaking Countries Business Confederation Names China Representative

The two sides discussed and will continue to maintain close communication on issues such as the proposal to jointly promote the establishment of the Macao-PSC Commercial Banking Union.

During the meeting, ABM Chairman Ip Sio Kai introduced that ABM signed the Initiative to Promote Cooperation between Commercial Banks in Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries with the Association of Banks of Portugal, the Association of Banks of Mozambique, the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions of Guinea-Bissau and the Association of Banks of São Tomé and Príncipe in 2019.

After that, ABM joined the Portuguese-speaking countries Business Confederation (CE-CPLP) as an honorary member. ABM has been promoting the establishment of the “Commercial Bank Alliance of Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries”.

Portuguese-speaking countries business council leader discusses Macao ties with businessman Wu Zhiwei

ABM Vice Chairman Sam Tou introduced the works of Sino-Portuguese Financial Services Development Committee under ABM and also the committee’s participation of several meetings held by CE-CPLP.

The meeting was also attended by ABM Secretary-General, Loi Weng Kei, and the Chinese representative, Yew Karmin.


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