Portuguese Chamber of Commerce CCIP to Lead Business Mission to Japan

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCIP will lead a business mission to Japan in May, with the aim of providing Portuguese companies know-how and contacts with key local operators.

“Japan represents the 4th largest economy in the world with an estimated GDP growth of 1.1% by 2024, this market is marked by the high need to resort to imports because of the need to fill domestic shortcomings, but is also known to be a demanding market in the quality and safety of its products”, CCIP said.

“Japan is an extremely developed country with high-quality and highly developed infrastructure that makes it a very conducive country for the distribution of numerous types of goods and services”, it adds.

Portuguese Companies Attend Tokyo Jitac Textile Fair

CCIP will arrange individual meetings with importers, distributors and/or end customers for all participating companies within the framework of this mission.



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