Portugal´s Wine Exports to China Rise 12.13% Reversing Downward Trend


Portugal exported to China EUR 2 million of wine in the first quarter of 2023, an increase of 12.13% YoY after several years of decline.

According to ViniPortugal, the country´s interprofessional wine association which aims to promote Portugal’s image as a wine producer, the country sold EUR 212 million and 74 million litres of wine in the 3-month period, with an average value of EUR 2.85 per litre.

Compared to the same period of 2023, the average price rose 2.20%, but the volume exported decreased 2.14%, ViniPortugal´s first quarter sales report adds.

Wines of Portugal Strengthens Promotion in Xiamen, Shanghai and Macao

Frederico Falcão, president of ViniPortugal, stated that Portuguese wine exports have shown constant resilience, even in the face of market challenges, driven by the quality of the products, the efficiency of marketing strategies and the expansion of distribution channels.

France was the number one market for Portuguese wines in the period, followed by the United States. Brazil is in third place among the countries that imported the most Portuguese wines, with a value of EUR 18.3 million for the quarter.

In terms of volumes, France also tops the list, followed by Angola in second place (6.6 million liters) and Brazil (6 million liters).


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