New Timor and Equatorial Guinea Ambassadors Deliver Credentials to Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping received the credentials of 42 ambassadors to China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, including those of diplomats from Timor-Leste and Equatorial Guinea.

According to an official statement, the Chinese President received credentials from Loro Da Silva Horta from Timor-Leste abd Mauricio Epkua Obama from Equatorial Guinea.

After the ceremony, Xi delivered a speech to the ambassadors, underlining that it is hoped that they will have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China and serve to strengthen the bond of cooperation and build a bridge of communication for bilateral relations.

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“This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China,” Xi stressed, adding that China is advancing the building of a strong and prosperous country and national rejuvenation in all respects through Chinese modernization.

“The mission and objective of Chinese modernization are to enable the over 1.4 billion Chinese people to live a better life. For the world, this means a broader market and unprecedented development opportunities, which will inject strong impetus into the modernization of countries around the world”, Xi added.

China, he stressed, endeavours to contribute its wisdom and solutions to the cause of peace and development of mankind, advocate an equal and orderly multipolar world and a universally beneficial and inclusive economic globalization, promote the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.

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Among the ambassadors submitting credentials were those of Singapore, Italy, United Arab Emirates Nicaragua, Ukraine, Iran, Grenada, Tunisia, Cuba, Belgium, Zambia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Kuwait, Belarus, Afghanistan, Laos, Bolivia, Japan, Bulgaria, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Australia,  Luxembourg, Ecuador, Honduras, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Kenya, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Algeria, Romania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Armenia.

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