Mota-Engil Board to be Extended to 19 Members

The shareholders of Mota-Engil will vote in the general meeting on April 18th the re-election of the Board of Directors for the 2024-2026 term , as well as its extension to 19 members .

The list of names proposed to the board is headed by António Mota, Wang Jingchun, Gonçalo Moura Martins, Carlos Mota dos Santos (current president and executive president), Manuel Antonio da Mota.

The list sent out by Mota-Engil also includes Xiao Di, Maria Paula Mota de Meireles; Ping Ping, Feng Tian, Ana Paula Chaves e Sá Ribeiro; Francisco Manuel Seixas da Costa; Helena Sofia Salgado Fonseca Cerveira Pinto; Isabel Maria Pereira Aníbal Vaz; Vai Tac Leong; João Pedro dos Santos Dinis Parreira; José Carlos Barroso Pereira Pinta Nogueira; Paulo Portas; Guangsheng Peng and Clare Akamanzi.

Mota-Engil renews board following CCCC entry as shareholder

Mota-Engil achieved a profit of EUR 113 million in 2023, more than twice as compared to 2022. The shareholders of the Portuguese infrastructure group will also vote on the documents relating to the 2023 accounts and on the proposed implementation of results.

Also on the agenda is a vote on the report on corporate governance practices, including the management and supervision remuneration report, and the general assessment of the company’s administration and oversight.

Other items include the discussion and deliberation on the remuneration policy and on the acquisition and alienation, by the company, of own shares and liabilities.


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