Legal Update/ Angola: New Fuels Export Rules and Procedures


Angola has revised Regulations of the Fuels Export Rules and Procedures, according to official legal database Legis-PALOP+TL.

The Executive Decree 140/22, already entered into force, mandates that fuel export activity in Angola is subject to obtaining a prior export authorization to be issued by the Petroleum Derivatives Regulatory Institute (IRDP).

Other requisites include the payment of customs duties, fees and surcharges; invoice or equivalent document from the supplier and the duly stamped product quality certificate; and licensing of tanker trucks, tank wagons and tankers used to transport fuel intended for fuel export.

Legal Update/ Angola: Private Investment Law Regulation

The export of fuel in a volume greater than that legally established is prohibited. The IRDP is the competent authority to certify the minimum market share of each operator, referring to the previous year, for the exercise of export activity, provided that this is not less than 5%.

In the event of an imminent fuel shortage in Angola, the Ministers of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Industry and Commerce and Finance may define the reduction or suspension of the planned quota, depending on the severity of the crisis situation.


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