Chinese-built Infrastructure in Angola is “Source of Pride for the Country”

China and Angola have seen “many positive and qualitative leaps” in their 40 years of diplomatic ties, and Chinese-built infrastructure is today is “a source of pride” for the African country, said the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Minister Tete Antonio (pictured above) also said the infrastructure constitutes the “foundation for driving any development”, during a recent press conference in Beijing, the Chinese capital, as part of his official visit to the Asian country.

He mentioned China’s support during Angola’s war of independence and after the end of the civil war, highlighting the crucial role China played in the country’s reconstruction, and how projects carried out by Chinese companies are the fundamental drivers for development and “will make a difference in the direction of the path that the country wants to follow.”

China and Angola “An Example” for South-South Cooperation, MFA Says

António also noted the recent inauguration of the new Luanda International Airport. Given Angola’s geographical location, which is between South and Central Africa, the new airport built by Chinese companies will make Angola a traffic hub in Africa, benefiting the country itself and beyond.

According to statistics from the Chinese Embassy in Angola, Chinese companies contributed to the restoration or construction of 2,800 km of railways, 20,000 km of roads, over 100,000 housing units, more than 100 schools, and over 50 hospitals in Angola, and more than 400 Chinese companies have a presence in Angola.

The Angolan minister highlighted that in their 40 years of diplomatic relations, Angola and China have made a qualitative leap in their ties, with agreements signed in various areas such as agriculture, digital economy, blue economy, and health, which align with Angolan interests.

China Still the Main Destination for Angolan Oil

In August, during the China-Africa Leaders’ Dialogue, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Initiative on Supporting Africa’s Industrialization, and expressed willingness to implement the Plan for China Supporting Africa’s Agricultural Modernization and the Plan for China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development, so as to boost Africa’s integration and modernization.

Angola will support these, the Angolan foreign minister said, adding that Angola has always shown a strong interest in development and is committed to achieving economic diversification. “Of course, these goals cannot be achieved without partnerships with countries like China,” he noted.

Antonio paid a visit to China from Dec. 5 to 8, which, he said, aimed to further strengthen bilateral ties. It is important to further promote the traditional friendship between the two sides, and to constantly enhance their cooperation, he added.

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