China aiming at “greater global impact” of Brazil ties using BRICS


China is willing to deepen cooperation with Brazil within the BRICS group and in other multilateral forums, aiming at a “greater development and global impact” of bilateral relations, according to a top Chinese diplomat.

Following the 14th BRICS Summit – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – the Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Brazil, Jin Hongjun, held a virtual press conference last week to brief local journalists and academia on the main results.

“China is willing to work with Brazil to intensify consultations within the BRICS and in other bilateral and multilateral forums, in pursuit of a greater development and global impact of our relations in the new era”, Jin said.

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“For almost half a century, China and Brazil have been developing their relations in a constant and healthy way, they have a great convergence of interests in international politics and multilateral affairs and, therefore, they are inseparable as global strategic partners”, he highlighted.

Jin also highlighted the role that Brazil plays as the largest developing country in the Western Hemisphere, as a founding member of the BRICS and as the only Latin American nation to integrate this mechanism.

Under the presidency of China, three high level events were held: the BRICS Business Forum, the 14th BRICS Summit and the High Level Dialogue on Global Development.

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Proposals made by President Xi Jinping, Jin said, were “well received by the leaders present at the Summit and by the community because they guide the future of the BRICS mechanism, pave the way for the improvement of this association and open perspectives for the BRICS to play an even greater role in international affairs”.

He added this summit is a new milestone in the history of the BRICS and the statements made by President Xi will have far-reaching repercussions, namely on world peace and stability, to create a consensus centered on development, to promote global sustainability, and to create a momentum focused on innovation to foster mutually beneficial cooperation.

“In a world awaiting post-pandemic recovery, a high-quality membership such as the BRICS has a special significance for the world’s progress in the new circumstances. President Xi Jinping highlighted that innovation is the main driver of development”, Ji stated.

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Fourth, in a spirit of openness, the Chinese proposal is to take advantage of the collaboration of developing countries in their quest for autonomy. “As President Xi Jinping has pointed out, the BRICS is not a closed club or an exclusionary group, but a large family of solidarity and an association to obtain shared benefits”, Ji highlighted.

With the first membership expansion, the New Development Bank will provide financial support to more developing countries and have more voice and action in the international financial system.

“In the new circumstances, it is even more important that the BRICS open up to development and embrace cooperation”, he stressed.


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