Brazil’s Vice-President Leads Delegation of Ministers to China


Just over a year after Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made an historical trip to China, Vice-President Geraldo Alckmin is due to arrive in the country, accompanied by ministers, with important official and business agendas.

Ministers Rui Costa (Civil Cabinet), Simone Tebet (Planning), Paulo Teixeira (Agrarian Development) and Márcio França (Micro and Small Enterprises) are expected to attend, as well as the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Laura da Rocha, and the President of the BNDES, Aloizio Mercadante.

Alckmin will take part in the meetings of the Sino-Brazilian Commission for Concertation and High-Level Cooperation, a collegiate body for dialogue between the two countries, led by the vice-presidents.

Xi Jinping Plans Strategic Visit to Brazil in November

The Brazilian vice-president will have a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, but will also take advantage of the trip to take part in meetings with Chinese businessmen, particularly in the automobile sector, as he is responsible for relaunching the sector as Minister of Development, Industry and Trade.

The ministers accompanying Alckmin will also have their own agendas. Paulo Teixeira will take part in meetings and seminars with representatives of the government, academia, family farmers’ organizations and the private sector (machinery and equipment producers), with a focus on the sustainable mechanization of small family farming.

Tebet is expected to discuss the South American Integration Plan, a road that runs from the Brazilian coast along the Atlantic Ocean, through national territory, passing through Paraguay, Argentina and Chile to reach the Pacific, which facilitates Brazilian exports to China, Brazil’s main trading partner.

China To Deepen Practical Cooperation With Brazil in All Areas

China is Brazil’s main trading partner, buying 27% of everything the country exported last year.

The Brazilian delegation’s trip, which will also include a delegation of Brazilian businessmen, will take place between June 1 and 7 and will stop in Saudi Arabia, where there will be meetings with local businessmen.

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