Brazil-China relation entering “new stage of development with a promising future”, ambassador says


Brazil-China relations are entering a “new stage of development with a promising future”, according to the new Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, Zhu Qingqiao.

In a statement published on December 09, to mark the start of his mandate, Zhu says he spent nearly half of a 30+  diplomatic career in Brazil, witnessing “the rise of this emerging power and also participated in important moments of the Sino-Brazilian relationship”.

“I hold in my heart a deep affinity for this vibrant land and a great respect for its warm and welcoming people”, the diplomat adds.

Zhu Qingqiao to head Chinese embassy in Brazil

“China and Brazil are large countries of international relevance. Over the half century since the establishment of our diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have become increasingly mature and stable, with growing global and strategic influence”, the diplomat says.

The “important relations” between both countries, he adds, foster the “development and prosperity of both countries, resulting in an example of equitable partnership and mutual gains between nations of the global South, contributing significantly to world peace and progress”.

“This year marks the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence. The Global Strategic Partnership between our two countries has completed ten years, while our relationship is moving towards a new stage of development with a promising future”, Zhu says.

Yang Wanming to step down as China´s ambassador to Brazil

Zhu Qingqiao held different positions at the Chinese Embassy in Brazil between 1996 and 2003. He returned in 2009 as minister-counselor, remaining until 2014. He is now returning as ambassador.

Leading the Embassy “at such a special moment”, the diplomat says he understands “the great responsibility of this post” and starting his mandate with “enthusiasm and goodwill to promote bilateral cooperation”.

“I look forward to working with Brazilian friends from all sectors to write a beautiful chapter in China-Brazil relations in the new era”, he says.


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