Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) enters EV charging business in Portugal


Atlante, an Italian company that belongs to the French group NHOA, owned by Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC), is entering the electric vehicles (EV) charging business in Portugal.

The TCC subsidiary has already completed the acquisition of Kilometer Low Cost (KLC), which owns and operates one of the largest EV charging networks in Portugal, in particular fast charging.

The agreement for the acquisition of a 60% stake in the Portuguese company was valued at EUR 4.5 million.

Taiwan Cement group to install EV charging stations in Portugal

The new owners agreed on the possibility of taking the remaining 40% until next year, for an amount of between EUR 1 .7 million and EUR 6.7 million, “depending on the fulfillment of specific objectives in 2023”.

Atlante wants to install a total of 5,000 fast and ultra-fast charging stations in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal by 2025, reaching 35,000 by 2030, aiming to become the largest fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure in southern Europe.

“The partnership with Atlante will allow KLC to offer its customers differentiated cutting-edge technological solutions for electric vehicles, constituting an important step towards our goal of becoming the main supplier of innovative mobility solutions”, said Pedro Nunes, CEO and co-founder of KLC, in the announcement of the deal.


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