Sichuan University Hospital Donates Equipment to Maputo Central Hospital

Maputo Central Hospital (HCM), Mozambique’s largest hospital, on Thursday received a donation of portable electrocardiogram (ECG) devices from the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, also known as Huaxi Hospital.

The mobile ECG devices, patented in China, utilize auxiliary means such as mobile phone apps and sensors to read heart rates, enabling doctors to remotely monitor a patient’s health situation, Xinhua reported.

Mouzinho Saide, the director-general of HCM, expressed gratitude during the handover ceremony in Maputo, highlighting the device’s quick, simple and painless use. The electrical impulses of the heart are amplified and recorded, and the data can be shared remotely with a doctor using a smartphone.

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“It’s a very big step forward for us, for HCM. We want to start the introduction with the help of Chinese medical experts, and our doctors and patients will benefit from this device,” Saide told Xinhua.

HCM’s chief cardiologist Irina Mbanze said that the hospital received 16 digital ECG devices along with copies of the Chinese-Portuguese bilingual edition of the Common ECG Handbook, enabling quick and timely remote diagnoses.

Zhang Hao, head of the current Chinese medical team in Mozambique, highlighted the potential for “Smart healthcare” to deepen cooperation between China and Mozambique in the health sector. The team is exploring an “Internet plus healthcare” model to provide better services to the Mozambican people by leveraging China’s technological and healthcare advantages.

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To date, 24 Chinese medical teams have worked with Mozambican colleagues, providing assistance to local patients, offering medical training, and providing technical, research, and technological support in the country.

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