Portuguese Cork and Wines Highlighted at Expo Yangzhou 2021


Portuguese cork and wines are being highlighted at Expo Yangzhou 2021, where 8 million visitors are expected until October, according to the Chinese Tourism Association in Portugal (ACTEP).

“Cork arouses a lot of curiosity, and in an exhibition that has Sustainability as one of its main themes, it is a winning bet”, ACTEP president Yong Liang said in a statement. “The same is true of Portuguese wines, which are increasingly being appreciated in China, and the fact that we have a real vineyard in our area has been a reason for attraction”.

“Above all, however, most visitors have shown an huge interest in Portugal and its regions as a destination for travel and holidays, and I have no doubt that we will see reflections of this in the next year”, the ACTEP president added.

Portugal Highlighted at Yangzhou Exhibition 2021

Organized by ACTEP-Chinese Tourism Association in Portugal, the Portugal Pavillion occupies an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters, with a garden, a vineyard and a cork-lined building, in a partnership developed with Corticeira Amorim.

The pavilion has permanent information and tourist videos about Portugal, as well as wines, on display and offered for tasting to guests and at special events.

In just one month, since it opened on April 8, Expo Yangzhou 2021 has already been visited by 400,000 people from from 30 Chinese provinces. By October 8, eight million visitors are expected.


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