Portuguese Company Wins World-Scale Predictive Auto Maintenance Project in Singapore

Portuguese company Stratio has won the world’s largest predictive maintenance project in Singapore, and its AI-infused technology will be on board more than 3,000 buses in the country.

Founded in 2017, at the accelerator of the Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) in Coimbra, Stratio developed a predictive maintenance technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) models and functions as an early warning system that allows operators to predict failures before they occur and take measures in advance to avoid service disruptions.

Having raised 12 million euros in investment rounds, Stratio’s proven success in reducing costs and increasing the reliability and efficiency of transport services worldwide has now enabled the company to enter into a strategic partnership with the transport company SBS Transit to increase public transport reliability in Singapore.

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“This project will be the largest in the world and will cover more than half of Singapore’s bus network”, i.e. “more than 3,000” vehicles, toning “the reputation of Coimbra as a centre of technological innovation for mobility and strengthens Stratio’s position as a global player in the transportation industry,” the company said in a statement.

“We are proud to be partners and have the trust of the largest and most demanding public transport companies in the world, with large operations and turnover of several billion euros,” stresses Rui Sales, co-founders and president of Stratio, explaining that “the expansion in Singapore is an important milestone due to the quality of the public transport system, which is a model and an example of excellence in passenger transport”.

SBS Transit, which demonstrates its determination to ensure the reliability of its buses as part of the group’s efforts to make public transport more appealing to the population, states that this approach is also aligned with the group’s sustainable mobility project.

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“By monitoring the condition of buses, we are able to predict failures and ensure that buses do not interrupt their service, contributing to better transport reliability and to raise the confidence and experience of our passengers whenever travelling with SBS Transit,” says Jeffrey Sim, executive director of the SBS transit group,

“As a leading operator in Singapore, we have taken another step forward by extending the use of this technology to new electric buses as well. By 2030, 50% of Singapore’s public fleet will be green. Our investment in the Stratio system will allow us to improve the operation and maintenance of these zero-emission vehicles, and continue to contribute to continuously raising industry standards,” he added.


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