Portuguese and South Korean Companies to Supply 200.000 homes in Angola with Energy


A new partnership between the Portuguese group MCA and South Korean company Samsung will enable the distribution of solar energy at night to more than 200.000 homes in Angola.

According to a statement, this agreement signed for the supply of products and services for the development of the “Rural Electrification Project in Angola” will benefit around one million people.

“This agreement consists of Samsung SDI supplying E5S lithium-ion batteries, to be incorporated into the solar energy storage system, which will enable the electrification of a total of 48 communes located in five provinces of Angola (Malanje, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Bié and Moxico),” the companies added.

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“This rural electrification project includes the construction of ‘clean energy’ distribution infrastructure in three phases, comprising 48 hybrid photovoltaic generation systems with energy storage in lithium-ion batteries (‘mini-grids’), which will operate autonomously without recourse to diesel generation and with a total installed capacity of 719MWh of available energy”.

The implementation of this system is an alternative to extending the state grid or installing diesel generators as the main source of electricity and, according to the entities, “there will be savings in fuel consumption and a corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions”.

This reduction in CO2 emissions is also the aim of the “Energia Angola 2025” plan, which aims to diversify the country’s energy matrix in order to ensure that around 77% of the rural population has access to electricity, and to contribute to the annual reduction of polluting emissions by around one million tons of carbon dioxide.

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“Our goal is to take care not only of our generation, but also of future generations, to offer them a cleaner planet. That’s why we are always looking for suppliers and partners with the same vision, who will provide us with innovative and conscious products,” said MCA’s Chairman and founder, Manuel Couto Alves, quoted in the statement.

The Rural Electrification Project in Angola began construction in 2023 and is due to be completed in 2026, involving the MCA Group, the Angolan government through the Ministry of Finance, a consortium of banks represented by Commerzbank AG and the German Export Credit Agency Euler Hermes (ECA).

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