Portugal to Gain Visibility on Chinese TV Channels as Top European Tourist Destinations

by: Jessica Ferreira

Portugal is expected to increase its visibility of as one of the main European tourist destinations on Chinese television channels with joint efforts by media groups from both countries.

Through a strategic collaboration with the Fujian Media Group and the TVI/Media Capital Group, the China Tourism Association in Portugal (ACTEP) said it has reached an important milestone in promoting tourism between Portugal and China.

ACTEP coordinated a meeting between several Portuguese and Chinese media personalities, including Pedro Morais Leitão, CEO of Media Capital Group, José Eduardo Moniz, director-general of TVI, and a delegation from Fujian Media Group led by the chairman and editor-in-chief, Xianghui Zeng.

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The meeting’s goal was to explore opportunities for the exchange of media resources in order to strengthen tourism promotion efforts and cultural exchange between Portugal and China.

Yong Liang, president of ACTEP, was optimistic about the outcome, stating that: “One of the immediate results of the meeting is the increased visibility of Portugal as one of the main European tourist destinations on Chinese television channels, reaching a potential audience of 36.7 million people in Fujian, China”.

The Fujian Media Group, which employs more than 5,000 employees, operates two television stations, 10 TV channels, seven radio frequencies, a film production company and the international provincial communications center in Fujian, China.

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