Portugal a “Good Platform for Chinese Investors” in Europe and Atlantic, Ambassador to China Says

Portuguese Ambassador to China, Paulo Jorge Nascimento, called on Chinese Investors to look at Portugal as a “good platform” for markets  in Europe and Atlantic countries.

“Portugal is a country that has good relations with China and that can be a good platform for Chinese investors and companies in accessing markets, not only European, but also transatlantic ones”, Nascimento told Xinhua.

China is one of Portugal’s main trading partners, said Nascimento, underlining that the country joined the One Belt, One Road initiative in 2018 and sees it as able to contribute not only to the development of bilateral relations, but also for the international community.

Paulo Jorge Nascimento to be appointed Portuguese ambassador in China 

Nascimento expressed hope that the collaboration with Chinese authorities will produce concrete results for the benefit of the peoples of both countries.

In 2024, Portugal and China celebrate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations and the ambassador of Portugal in Beijing stressed that from a political point of view the countries have no disputes or issues.

In the economy there are still efforts to be made towards promoting the balance of bilateral trade and the availability of Portugal as a Chinese investment destination.

China Tops Planned Investments in Portugal Thanks to CALB

Nascimento underlined that China is an important player at the international level, and highlighted the projected growth rate for 2024 at 5%, officialy presented.

From the point of view of trade relations, it is important that China’s growth can be sustained. Nascimento sees as positive the prospects for the economic development of China, first for the country, and second for bilateral relations with Portugal.


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