Porto and Shenzen Look at Bolstering Relations

The munipalities of Porto, in Portugal, and Shenzen, in China, are looking at bolstering relations in multiple areas, after having established twinning arrangements.

A delegation, led by the Deputy Mayor of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, was received at the City Hall by the Deputy Mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo, who was accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism and Internationalisation, Catarina Santos Cunha.

Wang Shourui and Filipe Araújo took advantage of the meeting to strengthen ties between the two twin cities and discussed various topics of interest to Porto and Shenzhen. “This is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world”, the Portuguese municipality said.

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In addition to Shanghai, Porto also has twinning arrangements with Macau (1997) and Shenzhen (2016), with which it has established cooperation relations in areas such as culture, tourism, education, trade and industry, technological innovation, heritage rehabilitation, health, technological innovation, industry, transport and investment.

Wang Shourui was accompanied by 11 other people linked to Shenzhen, as well as two representatives of the Chamber of Commerce Portugal-China SME (CCPC-PME) associations.


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