Mozambique and other African countries looking to China to develop infrastructure


Mozambique and other African countries would like to see more cooperation with China to help them develop transport and boost the economy, officials and scholars said.

Sergio Carlos Macamo, a commercial official at the High Commission of Mozambique in Pretoria, said that Mozambique, South Africa and other countries have to look at collaboration opportunities with China on the development of roads, rail and ports to support trade and grow their economies.

“We have challenges in financing infrastructural development. We view our cooperation with China in filling that gap”, he told China Daily. Mozambique has cordial relations with China and it would like to work with China to increase energy and power generation, which would contribute to its economic growth, Macamo added.

China and Mozambique envisage Belt and Road cooperation, infrastructure projects

Nosisi Feza, deputy chancellor at South Africa´s University of Venda, said the school is deep in discussion with Hubei University in Wuhan to establish a Confucius Institute in Venda. She said they will collaborate in information and communication technologies, and there would be some staff and student exchanges between the two universities.

“We could work together in building smart cities and forging alliances in the centers of excellence,” she said.

Wang Yuchen, director of the South Africa-China Transport Cooperation Center, said there are many experiences to learn from China in rolling out high speed rail transport systems. There are also opportunities for cooperation between South Africa and China in terms of transport, green technology, security and agriculture, he added.

African Union to Strengthen Cooperation with China in Transport Infrastructure, Energy and Digital

Cecil Masoka, director for multilateral cooperation for Asia and America at South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation, said South Africa is looking for more opportunities to cooperate with China on the development of transportation infrastructure.

“We are looking at chances brought by the Belt and Road Initiative that looks at cross-border transport infrastructural development. (…) There is a lot of work we consider doing with China around satellite development and navigation systems. These are key areas we are looking at”, Masoka told China Daily after the Southern African Transport Conference in Pretoria.

Masoka said South Africa is working with China on unmanned aerial and autonomous vehicles. As South Africa is embarking on hydrogen energy endeavors to support the steel, cement and aviation sectors, Masoka said they would like to work with China to make it successful.


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