Emily Kuo Vong´s Foundation Donates Over 100 Ventilators to Portugal and Vows to Invest in the Country


Emily Kuo Vong, president of the International Cultural Club of Portugal (ICCP), has donated to Portugal´s Health Service (SNS) medical supplies including 100 Ventilators, to assist the country in its effort to deal with Covid-19. The supplies, CLBrief has learned, have already arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. The businesswoman and philanthropist from Macao also has sizeable plans to invest in the portuguese economy, as well as support cultural events.


The supplies sent to the SNS include, other than the 100 ventilators, 8 Automatic Nucleic Acids Extraction Machines, and 20,480 RNA Extraction and Purification Kits. The dispatch from China was arranged by the Embassy of Portugal in Beijing, and the equipments arrived on 4 May.


The medical supplies sent to Portugal will be distributed to Santa Maria, São João, São Francisco Xavier, Lusíadas Cascais and other main hospitals in the continent and the Madeira islands, to support them to test and treat the epidemic disease caused by Covid-19.


While ventilators allow for critical Covid-19 patients to breathe, Automatic Nucleic Acids Extraction Systems are able to test almost 100 samples in only 40 minutes, with considerable accuracy. This is 9 times more efficient than the manual operation that normally takes 6 hours to do the same tests. It improves the detective process of the SARS-CoV-2 virus faster and more effectively, helping healthcare professionals in the combat of this pandemic.


Emily Kuo Vong was directly involved with her team in preparing for the shipment of goods and documents, to coordinate different departments, and to arrange for the cargo transportation.


The donation is intended not only to assist Portugal´s SNS in the current health emergency, but also to facilitate the communication and cooperation in medical treatment and research between Portugal and China.


CLBrief has also learned that the businesswoman intends to invest in 13 automatic production lines in Northern Portugal, for the manufacturing of protective suits, surgical masks, and medical protective masks for both adults and children, meeting EU standards with high quality. This is intended to be a contribution to the development of the Portuguese economy, increasing employment opportunities.


“I want to contribute and support healthcare professionals who joined the battle against this pandemic every day. These are the first donations. I will continue to donate more essential supplies to help with the success of fighting against the pandemic in this beautiful country”, said Emily Kuo Vong


Emily Kuo Vong invested in many enterprises, cultural institutions, and non-profit organizations in America, Asia, and Europe. In Portugal, she established Dimalu S.A, International Cultural Center Monte Real, Shining Square Lda.,as well as ICCP.


The Macao philanthropist is also an outstanding artist and is the President of the International Federation for Choral Music, which was established in 1982 as an appointment of UNESCO, and is the official representative of choral music on the International Music Council. In the summer of 2019, she sponsored and supported World Choral Expo 2019 – in Portugal, that involved more than 600 singers from 50 countries.


With all the cultural events in 2020 cancelled or postponed , due to the virus outbreaks, the philantrhopist also intends to secure 10 cultural shows including dance, music, and fado, so as to support artists.



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