Chinese nationals still leading ‘golden visa’ requests in Portugal


Chinese nationals led ‘golden visa’ requests in Portugal in january, the first month since changes were introduced diverting investing from major cities.

Investment raised through residence permits for foreigners rose 45% year-on-year in January to EUR 48 million, and 94 golden visas were granted, of which 75 in real estate acquisitions (40 for urban rehabilitation) and 19 by way of capital transfer, according to the foreigners and borders service (SEF) data.

Last month, 19 golden visas were granted to China, 17 to the United States, eight to India, seven to Russia and six to Brazil.

Portugal Golden Visa Scheme to Remain Attractive Despite Changes, Experts Say

Since the ARI granting programme was launched in October 2012, EUR 6,15 billion has been raised via this instrument. Of this amount, most correspond to the purchase of real estate, which totalled EUR 5,55 billion.

Since the creation of this instrument, which aims to attract foreign investment, 10,348 ARI have been assigned.

Portugal nets EUR 460.8 million from ‘Golden Visas’ in 2021, with Chinese requests leading

In over nine years, 9,660 permits have been granted through the purchase of property, of which 1,049 are for urban rehabilitation.

668 permits have been granted for the transfer of capital, and 20 for job creation.

Since the beginning of the programme, 17,326 residence permits have been granted to regrouped family members, of which 105 in 2022.

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