Chinese Enterprises Donate Medical Supplies to Mozambique’s Largest Hospital


Three Chinese companies operating in Mozambique on Friday donated a batch of medical equipment to the Maputo Central Hospital (HCM), the largest in the country.

The donation includes electric drills and other instruments for surgical operation, which the hospital considers “a revolution” because the unit has never had so many drills at once, according to Mouzinho Saide, director general of the HCM, during the reception of the donated items.

“Despite the difficulties we face, we are not alone; the equipment we received today will make all the difference; it will allow us to have many more surgical operations, and many patients will benefit from it, so we are very happy,” said the HCM director general, while addressing the ceremony.

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This batch of donations will help alleviate the pressure on hospital beds, he said. “China’s friendship and presence in our country is not new; it’s quite old and long-standing. And in recent times, it has been strengthened with the cooperation of the government itself, which is why we have received medical teams from China who also support the Maputo Central Hospital, working side by side with national doctors, so our feeling is one of gratitude,” said Saide.

Xu Shuguang, one of the representatives of the Chinese enterprises, namely WengLong I&E Ltd., Hengli Moz. Ltd., and Auto Sunshine Ltd., said that the donation was made following the suggestions of a Chinese doctor who works in the orthopedic department at the HCM and knows about the difficulties that the hospital has been facing with medical supplies.

“We procure the items according to the list provided by the doctor and donate them in the name of the local Chinese community. We are happy to help,” said Xu.


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