Chinese Businessmen Eye Agriculture Investments in Mozambique

Chinese businessmen are weighing agriculture investments  in Gaza, Mozambique, in the context of the visit of the deputy governor of the province of Ubei, China.

In a first phase, the Chinese intend to support the Gaza province with the supply of qualified seeds and the transfer of technology for the production of sesame seeds, a high-yielding commercial crop, according to the local press. They also pledge to absorb all the sesame production, asking the provincial government of Gaza to boost production of the crop.

Gaza Governor Margarida Mapandzene Chongo assured Chinese entrepreneurs that the executive is already working on massive harvesting efforts in all districts of the province, mainly in the northern zone. She said that this year alone, the agricultural sector is preparing more than three hundred hectares for the production of sesame, which can gain another dynamic with the guarantee of the Chinese market.

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Currently, Gaza province cooperates with the Ubei province through the transfer of rice production and processing technology.

The installation of a sesame processing centre in Chongoene would have a significant impact on the economy of the Gaza province, generating direct and indirect jobs in the production, processing and export of the seeds and increasing the income of farmers and harvesters while increasing exports.

Gaza province has a favourable climate for the cultivation of sesame and a skilled and available labour force. China is an important market for the seeds, which ensures a stable demand for the product.



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