China´s soybean imports from Brazil jump 20% until May


China imported 34.432 million tons of soybeans from Brazil until May 2023, 20% more than last year, according to data from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy.

The Chinese economy is the biggest buyer of the Brazilian oilseed, accounting for 70.23% of the volume so far, the same data shows.

Overall, Brazilian soybean exports totaled 49.026 million tons by April 2023. In the same period last year, they were 43.027 million tons.

Brazil Soybean Exports at Record High Driven by China

Soy exports from Mato Grosso totaled 17.295 million tons in 2023. According to Secex data, the volume is 3% higher than that shipped by the state in the same period of 2022 and corresponds to 35.28% of Brazilian exports so far.

After Mato Grosso, the ranking of the states that sent the most soybeans abroad are Goiás (5.598 million tons), Paraná (3.702 million tons), São Paulo (3.467 million tons), Mato Grosso do Sul (3.423 million) and Minas Gerais (3.318 million tons).


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