China’s GWM taps Brazil’s WEG for electric vehicle charging network


Chinese electric car maker Great Wall Motors (GWM) is planning to install an electric vehicle charging network in Brazil through an exclusive partnership with local motor manufacturer WEG.

The partnership involves developing “a broad network for recharging electrified vehicles at dealerships, parking lots, shopping malls and other commercial establishments,” GWM said in a statement.

WEG will provide the Chinese firm “electric vehicle chargers to be sold to consumers and to be installed at the automaker’s dealerships,” it added.

Great Wall Motor´s investment in Brazil to generate over 2.700 jobs

In 2021, GWM bought a luxury car plant located in the Sao Paulo state from Mercedes-Benz and at the time announced investments of about 10 billion reais (USD 1.97 billion) in Brazil over the next few years.

The automaker said in March that it intends to have about 130 dealerships in the country by mid-2024.

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