China to open trips by Chinese tourist groups to Brazil


China will open trips by Chinese tourist groups to Brazil and about 40 other countries, starting this week, ending pandemic related restrictions.

The rule will take effect on March 15, more than three years after the Covid-19 pandemic began. A first release for nearby nations had been given on February 6 and the new stage will increase the countries involved to 60.

According to the Ministry of Tourism in Beijing, the decision seeks to revive the tourism sector, severely affected by the health crisis, and national entities and local companies are authorized to carry out campaigns and travel advertisements for the benefited countries.

Brazil Tourism Board to Open Office in China

Among the most notorious absences, however, are the United States, Australia, South Korea and Japan, which were excluded from the rule because they still have health restrictions for Chinese tourists.

These greater controls were inserted at the end of last year after China faced its most intense wave of contagions and deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.


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