China Mobile International partners with Brazil´s main operator specialized in IoT


China Mobile International (CMI) and NLT Telecom, the main Brazilian operator specialized in IoT, announced a partnership for the implementation of private networks, initially focusing on the ISP market.

This initiative paves the way for ISPs across Brazil to expand their service offering, with better conditions to meet the current needs of the IoT market and consequent increase in revenue, according to a company statement.

NLT’s partnership with China Mobile International encompasses design and deployment planning, regulatory processes, equipment, software and the complete operation of networks, freeing ISPs to focus on local support to their customers.

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“Responsible for more than 50% of connectivity in the country, ISPs are fundamental agents in the ongoing digital transformation, expanding access to remote areas, always open to innovation, with great capacity to provide technical support and ability to relate to their customers. local customers. Now they have a good chance to become even more competitive with CMI’s iConnect products,” said Jim Wang, Country Head Brazil at China Mobile International.

CMI is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, offering iConnect products to the market.

“This is the ideal time for ISPs across Brazil to expand their IoT footprint, meeting growing market needs, and adding new revenue streams to their businesses. The objective of this partnership between NLT and China Mobile International is to help Internet providers continue with their fundamental role of promoting technological development in the countryside, in industrial areas and cities of any size”, addedAndré Martins, CEO of NLT.

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Totally dedicated to the specific needs of the end customer, private networks can be implemented in different configurations, depending on each application and local geographic conditions.

This joint work between NLT and CMI results in more flexibility and agility to design, develop and implement customized networks for each use case, using structures of reduced dimensions and mobile equipment.

“As a mobile operator specializing in IoT connectivity, NLT knows how to understand and suggest the best network configuration to increase each customer’s ROI in a short time, making the solution fit their budget and achieve their specific goals”, he says. William Araújo, Technology Director at NLT.

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One of the first initiatives, in partnership with ISP CNX Telecomunicações, NLT and CMI are implementing a private network in southern Bahia dedicated to agribusiness. This network has cellular coverage (using two eNodeB LTE, hardware that works as a base station) and LoRa network, in a cross-connectivity structure, one of the specialties of NLT.

While the cellular network covers an area of approximately 30 thousand hectares, being used to connect high consumption mobile devices in tractors and machines, the LoRa network covers an even larger area, connecting sensors with low energy consumption, facilitating their massive deployment in the field.

Initially, the planned application in IoT will be in the control of machines and in the monitoring of soil humidity and salinity, wind, luminosity, temperature, climate, location of animals and other telemetry devices.


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