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The Angolan Government is progressing with privatizations in multiple fronts, including subsidiaries of the national oil company, Sonangol, 13 industrial units in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and also the concession on the multipurpose terminal in the Port of Luanda.


Angolan state oil company Sonangol launched, at the end of last week, an international public tender for the sale of its stakes in nine companies, including 30% of its stake in Petromar, as well as 51% in companies Sonatide Marine Limited And Sonatide Marine Angola Limitada and 40% in Sonamet Industrial and Sonarcergy – Serviços e Construções Petrolíferas, Lda.


The sale of the stakes is part of the privatisation programme and also covers the sale of 10% of the share capital of shipyard company Porto Estaleiros Navais (Paenal), 33.33% of SBM Shipyard, 30% of Sonadiets Limitada and 30% of Sonadiets Services.


Sonangol requires that the parties provide qualification documents under the terms of the tender, as well as a provisional bond of between US$7,000 and US$15,000 or the equivalent in kwanzas, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Angola.


The deadline to submit applications, in the case of Petromar, is 30 May of this year, with the presentation of the proposals scheduled for 23 July.


Applications for Sonatide Marine, Limited and Sonatide Marine Angola are scheduled for 15 May, and the submission of proposals for 15 June.


As part of the privatisation programme, Sonangol has a total of 54 stakes to be sold in Angola and abroad.


In January Sonangol launched the public tender for the sale of stakes that it holds in six companies.


These are Atlântida Viagens Turismo, in Luanda, WTA Internacional, Atlântida Viagens Turismo, in Lisbon, WTA Travel Agency (Luanda), WTAn(Paris), WTA/Houston Express and ITSS- Internacional Travel Services and Systems.


All these companies are focused on travel and tourism and have headquarters in Angola, Portugal, the United States of America and France.


Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone

Angola’s Institute of State Asset and Stake Management (IGAPE) intends to privatise another 13 industrial units in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and announced last week the launch of an international public tender.


The announcement by IGAPE said that the industrial units are Indupackage, linked to the manufacture of metal packaging, Betonar (pre-packaged and pre-stressed concrete), Galvanang (hot galvanization), Inducarpin (carpentry), Induplas (plastic bags), Indutive (paints and varnishes) and Mangotal (metal towers).


The list includes (PVC pipes), Telhafel (metallic roof tiles), Transplas (PVC PE accessories), Vedatela (wire fences), Absor (absorbent) and Saciango (cement bags).


The documents relating to the tender can be consulted at



This process follows another one, which took place between 28 February and 31 May 2019, when IGAPE put up for sale a batch of seven industrial units from the SEZ – Univitro (glass processing), Juntex (mortar), Carton (cardboard), Absor (absorbent), Indugidet (hygiene products and detergents), Coberlen (blankets) and Saciango (cement bags).


After examination of the tenders received, the IGAPE Negotiation Commission has decided to award Carton, Indugidet, Juntex, Univitro and Coberlan to Angoalissar, Azoria, Ecoindustry and Zeepack, and Absor and Saciango were not awarded.


The units undergoing privatisation in these two phases are part of a batch of 52 that are at different stages of development – 26 fully deployed, 20 semi-finished (with a fenced lot, warehouse and offices) and seven still in containers.


The SEZ is an area offering tax benefits and competitive advantages, a property of the State with 21 reservations, seven of which are industrial, six for agriculture and eight for mining.


Multipurpose terminal in the Port of Luanda

The deadline for the submission of proposals for the public tender for the concession on the multipurpose terminal in the Port of Luanda has been extended until 29 May, due to the state of emergency imposed to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, according to an official announcement.


The Concessions Evaluation Committee, responsible for the tender, also announced that, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, additional extensions to the deadline for submission of tender proposals may be granted.


The aim of the tender, launched on 16 December 2019, with 30 March 2020 as the initial deadline for the submission of proposals, is to develop and improve the efficiency of the port of Luanda, with the involvement of private operators.


The Porto de Luanda public company said in January this year the international tender had attracted proposals from some of the largest companies in the sector from Angola, China, Dubai, the United States, France, Switzerland and the Phillippines.


The Public tender is focused on domestic and foreign companies or associations that have proven experience in the port sector or that meet the requirements stipulated in the programme, the specifications and the legislation in force.


The companies interested in participating in the tender will be required to prove they have paid-up capital of no less than US$25 million and the average annual turnover in the last three years of no less than the equivalent of US$100 million.


The Multipurpose Terminal of the Port of Luanda is a port facility for both general cargo and containers, has a 610-metre quay, a depth of 12.5 metres and an area of 181,000 square metres with capacity to handle 2.6 million tonnes of cargo per year.


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