Brazil Gears Up for Cosban High-level Commission With China

The Brazilian Government is meeting with private stakeholders to prepare for the 7th Plenary Session of the Sino-Brazilian High-level Partnership and Cooperation Commission (Cosban), scheduled for 5 and 6 June, in China.

The Vice President and Minister of Development, Industry, Trade and Services (MDIC), Geraldo Alckmin (pictured above), met with representatives of the federal government and the productive sector to discuss patterns and strategic partnerships between Brazil and China.

“China is the largest buyer of Brazilian products, especially for agriculture. But we can have good partnerships in various areas in this Sino-Brazilian relationship”, stressed Geraldo Alckmin, who chairs COSBAN, along with the Chinese vice president.

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Cosban is the main mechanism for regular dialogue between Brazil and China. At the meeting, held at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasília, the participants highlighted the importance of bilateral trade with China and strengthened the potential for expansion and diversification of trade and investment flows between the two countries, with emphasis on the pattern of sustainability and decarbonization.

Representatives of the federal government presented potential topics, agreements and partnerships that could be concluded at the Cosban meeting in June. Subsequently, Alckmin met with representatives of the productive sector, who highlighted opportunities for Brazil and indicated some gaps, which will be analyzed over the next two months to improve the trade relationship between the two countries.

“It was a very fruitful meeting, because it was at the exact point of grit and difficulties, which will allow us to work intensively to overcome these obstacles before the COSBAN meeting,” Alckmin concluded.

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Since 2009, China has been Brazil’s largest trading partner. In 2023, the trade flow between the two countries was USD 157 billion, with Brazilian exports of USD 104 billion. Between 2007 and 2022 Brazil was the fourth major destination of Chinese investments.

The minister also asked representatives of the productive sectors and the government to indicate the names that will participate in the Brazilian team at Cosban.


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