China OKs 38 More Brazilian Meat Producers for Export

General Customs Administration of China (GACC) has authorized 38 more Brazilian meat producers for export to its market, the Brazilian government said.

According to a note published by the Ministry of Agriculture, authorizations include eight chicken slaughterhouses, 24 cattle, a beef thermal processing facility and five warehouses.

“This is an important moment for both sides. China will receive quality meat at competitive prices, guaranteeing products to its population, and Brazil welcomes the certainty of job generation, opportunity and growth of the Brazilian economy,” said the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Fávaro.

China Lifts Anti-dumping Measure on Chicken Imports from Brazil

According to the Secretary of Commerce and International Relations, Roberto Perosa, “this is the largest number of qualifications ever granted at the same time”.

“We will continue to work to expand the list of exporting establishments,” Perosa pointed out.

According to a note released by the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty), the decision of the Chinese government will create new opportunities for the increase of bilateral trade. The new qualifications, the body stresses, are the result of negotiations between the authorities of the two countries.

Brazilian Exports to China Surge 53.7%

“The new qualifications are the result of an intensive negotiating process, which included the conduct of audits ‘in-loco’ and by videoconference by the Chinese enabling body,” the Itamaraty added.

With the measure, the number of Brazilian companies eligible for exports to China has increased from 106 to 144.

China is the main destination of Brazil’s meat exports. In 2023, the Asian country represented about 37% of the total Brazilian exports of the product, worth USD 8.3 billion.




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