Brazil-China Trade Flow On Its Way to USD 120 billion


The Brazil-China trade flow (export+import) may total in 2021 a record figure of USD 120 billion, the highest in the history of trade between the two countries.

According to the latest data from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy, until August, Sino-Brazilian exchange reached USD 93.835 billion, while last year it totalled USD 102.566 billion, surpassing the USD 100 billion barrier for the first time.

Brazilian exports totalled USD 64.422 billion and Chinese sales were USD 29.413 billion.  The trade balance with China provided Brazil with a surplus of USD 35.009 billion. China accounted for approximately 70% of the entire surplus obtained by Brazil in its foreign trade.

China Adding to Brazil’s Record Trade Surplus

From January to August, Brazilian exports to China had a strong increase of 36.1% and the Asian country was the final destination of 34.1% of all exports carried out by Brazilian companies in the period, against a share of only 10.1% by the United States.

Chinese exports to Brazil also increased significantly in the same period, 32.1%, elevating the Asian country´s stake in the supply of goods to Brazil to 25.1%.

With the United States, Brazil’s second main trading partner, trade flow totaled USD 42.759 billion until August, well above the weight of China. Trade with the Americans was the source of the largest Brazilian deficit in the period, of around USD 4.406 billion.


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