Brazil and China praise ‘high level’ relations throughout pandemic


The governments of Brazil and China have praised the “high level” of bilateral relations throughout the covid-19 pandemic, currently stressed by the impact of Chinese lockdown for Brazilian exports.

The 6th plenary session of the Sino-Brazilian High Level Commission for Dialogue and Cooperation (Cosban) convened virtually this Mondy. Established in 2004, Cosban is the main coordination mechanism for the bilateral relationship between Brazil and China and is led by the vice presidents of both countries.

In a press conference after the meeting, Hamilton Mourão, Brazilian vice president, said China´s strategy to combat Covid “is totally different from the rest of the world due to the characteristics of the country and its system of government”.

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China “adopts this Covid zero strategy, which every now and then causes a disruption in terms of global supply chains, because it brings the economy to a halt”, said Mourão.

In the document signed by the vice presidents of the two countries, China and Brazil assessed that the cooperative relationship between the nations during the pandemic has been successful.

Mourão mentioned the production of vaccines in partnership with the Butantan Institute and the Fiocruz foundation, as one of the main bilateral agreements between the countries.

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“Let’s remember that we bought 100 million doses of Coronavac, in this agreement with Butantan, in addition we received (from China) inputs for the production of AstraZeneca at Fiocruz, that is, this partnership in terms of fighting the pandemic was extremely positive for us here in Brazil, and obviously for the trade relationship with China”, said Mourão.

The Brazilian Vice-President recalled that President Jair Bolsonaro should meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, in June, at the BRICS meeting.

Regarding frictions due to statements made by Brazilian authorities about China during the pandemic, Mourão highlighted that “there were some noises”, but that the relationship was always kept at a “high level.”

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Noting that Brazil attaches great importance to its comprehensive strategic partnership with China, Mourao said Brazil hopes to expand exports to China, work with China to respond to common challenges including food security, and tap into new opportunities brought by energy transitions and the low-carbon economy. He said that Brazil welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Brazil.

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said that in recent years, China and Brazil have been accommodating each other’s fundamental and long-term interests, and have worked together to counter global challenges, writing a new chapter of cooperation between emerging economies.

China and Brazil, both as major countries with global influence, should maintain close communications over major international and regional issues, enhance coordination within multilateral frameworks, and help maintain and facilitate the common interests of emerging markets and developing countries, he said.


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