Angola in Top-6 African Countries for Chinese Investment

Twelve African countries, including Angola, featured on the Economist Intelligence Unit´s (EIU) list of the 80 most attractive investment destinations for Chinese companies over the next decade.

Most African countries on the list of the most attractive destinations for Chinese investment performed exceptionally well in the “market expansion” category, considering the significant size of their population, according to EIU.

The 12 most attractive African countries for Chinese investors in the next decade are South Africa (13th out of 80 countries), Egypt (17th), Morocco (33rd), Algeria (38th), Tanzania (42nd), Angola (53rd), Nigeria (56th), Ethiopia (58th), Zambia (63rd), Democratic Republic of the Congo (67th), Kenya (68th), and Republic of the Congo (76th).

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 This ranking is based on 200 indicators across two main pillars, opportunities and risks.  All indicators were compiled to establish a score for each category, which were then aggregated to form scores for both opportunity and risk pillars. These two scores were combined and equally weighted to generate an overall score for each investment destination.

The “China Going Global Investment Index 2023 – The Belt and Road Initiative’s second decade,” report indicates that South Africa will be the most attractive African country for Chinese investors in the coming decade, ranking 13th out of the total 80. This represents a significant improvement from the 2013 edition, where this African country ranked 49th.

The report highlights that African countries perform strongly in the “market expansion” category due to their significant population sizes. It forecasts that Africa’s market potential will grow further in the late 2020s, supported by improving household incomes and the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

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However, no African country appears in the top 20 countries with the most developed technology and innovation sectors. Only three African nations, Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco, appear in the top 20 for the most efficient supply chains.

Regarding natural resources, while many African countries are home to abundant resources, they also face high operational and financial risks.

Worldwide, Singapore remains the most attractive country for Chinese investors, followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. The predominance of Asian countries in the top 10 is due to cultural ties, geographical proximity to China, abundant natural resources, and well-developed logistical infrastructure.

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