After Brazil, TV BRICS Programmes Aired in Mozambique

TVM, Mozambique’s public television channel, has launched a weekly show of programmes and films of the International Media Network TV BRICS, which have already reached Brazilian audiences.

The launch began with the programme “Countdown”, a series of programmes about subjects and phenomena of the Soviet period.

In April this year a cooperation agreement was signed between the media organisations. Original news prepared by local journalists from the TVM team are available on the resources of TV BRICS partners in Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and other countries.

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Mozambique’s public television channel exists for 42 years. Its reach is about 10 million people, a third of Mozambique’s total population.

TVM produces programmes in 15 national languages aimed at local audiences. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and features sports, news, culture and entertainment content.

Last year, the media network relaunched broadcasting on the Brazilian channel COM BRASIL with new programmes of the united editorial team.

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Previously, a special TV BRICS block had already been aired on COM BRASIL. As part of its own TV BRICS broadcasting slot, the Brazilian channel aired programmes of the “Countdown” cycle and other materials of the united editorial staff.

In April this year, Brazil’s leading TV channel ARTE-1 (Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação) premiered the programme cycle “The language of dance”.

In addition, the channel broadcasts the programme “Our people” produced by the channel “Prodvizheniye,” a partner of TV BRCS in Russia.



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