Singapore´s Changi to Boost Angolan Airports

The Angolan Airports Management Company (SGA) and Changi Airports International (CAI) signed a two-year technical partnership agreement to boost the 16 airports managed by SGA.

In a statement, SGA said that the agreement, signed on February 18, on the sidelines of the Changi Aviation Summit and the Singapore Airshow 2024, should improve the performance of airports in Angola and maximize their traffic potential.

According to SGA, CAI, as a reference airport consultant, will lend its experience in air traffic development in order to enhance the air traffic of national airports.

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The plans include specific programmes of involvement of airlines to increase domestic and regional air connectivity, as well as marketing campaigns to attract passenger traffic, SGA added.

Changi Airports International “will improve airport non-aeronautical offers and operational performance, including customer service, in order to improve the airport experience,” SGA emphasized.

The review of existing airport facilities and their maintenance scheme, the development of a new business strategy, which includes the long-term development of human capital and training for improving productivity, are also to be developed.

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The chairman of the SGA executive committee, Manuel Gomes, quoted in the statement, said that the partnership with CAI marks the beginning of an “exhilarating and collaborative journey” between the parties, who join forces to raise the standards of excellence in airport operations.

The chairman of the executive committee of the CAI, Eugene Gan, said he was looking forward to working with the SGA to raise the standards of the airports, in order to facilitate a greater and better movement of goods and people at the domestic and regional level.


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