Procurement projects in Timor-Leste earned Chinese companies USD 715 million


Companies from China were the biggest foreign winners of procurement projects from the Government of Timor-Leste between 2011 and 2023, with a total value of over USD 715 million, according to official data.

Data presented by officials from the National Procurement Commission (CNA) in Dili indicates that between 2011 and the end of February 2023 Timorese companies obtained 2,351 contracts in the country, with a total value of more than USD 2,124 billion.

Companies from China won 44 contracts worth a total of over USD 714.6 million and companies from Indonesia won 72 contracts worth nearly USD 499 million.

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The top five also includes France, with nine contracts worth USD 168.6 million and Portugal, with 30 contracts worth a total of USD 51.59 million.

Overall, and throughout that period, the CNA registered a total of 2,598 procurement contracts, with a total value of around USD 3.78 billion .

In regional terms, and excluding contracts awarded to companies from Timor-Leste, companies from Asia won contracts worth USD 1.36 billion.

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Outside of these single regions the only country in the top 15 with contracts was Canada, with 12 projects worth a total of USD 28 million.


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