Portugal´s Golden Visas With 28% Drop in Chinese Investment


Chinese investment in Portugal´s Golden Visas fell 28% last year, to 158 million euros, according to official data, that shows United States nationals increasing their investment in the residency scheme.

The Investment Residence Authorization (ARI) program granted last year 296 visas to citizens from China, worth 158 million euros, data from Portugal´s Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) shows.

In 2019, 395 ARI had been granted to Chinese citizens, in an investment of more than 220 million euros.

Last year, Brazil nationals invested 83.9 million euros (126 ARI), down 47% from 158 million euros (210) a year earlier.

In third place came the United States, whose investment increased 13% last year, compared to 2019, to 49.3 million euros, with 75 gold visas granted.

Turkish investment under this instrument fell 19%, to 34 million euros, and South Africa, with an investment of 36 million euros, for a total of 74 ARI, completes the top five.

According to SEF data, Chinese investment in Golden Visas reached more than 2,700 million euros in more than eight years of the program.

Second is Brazil, with an investment of more than 785 million euros and 1,001 “golden” visas awarded until last month.


Photo: Lisbon, Portugal

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