PortugalFoods Launches “Virtual Missions” to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea


With travel restrictions related to Covid-19 putting trade missions on hold, PortugalFoods, the “umbrella” brand of the Portuguese agrofood sector, is organizing a series of “virtual trade missions” to Asia, starting with Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.


The virtual trade missions, PortugalFoods says in a statement, will “allow companies to promote their products and boost their business through personalized matchmaking”. The first such missions will be “PortugalFoods @ Taiwan & Singapore” and “PortugalFoods @ Hong Kong & South Korea”, from 15-19 June.


According to PortugalFoods , Taiwan has been growing as a client for Portuguese exports, reaching the 27th position in 2017. Portuguese exports to Singapore totaled EUR 71.9 million in 2018, of which € 2 million corresponded to exports of agrifood products.


In 2018, Hong Kong imported a total value of EUR 147 million of Portuguese products, of which € 8 million corresponded to agrifood imports. South Korea occupied the 44th position in the ranking of customers of Portuguese exports of goods and the 21st as a supplier.


PortugalFoods is an association created in 2008 and formed by companies, entities of the national scientific and technological system and by regional and national entities that represent the various subsectors that make up the Portuguese agrofood sector. It acts as the “umbrella” brand of the Portuguese agrofood sector promoted by the AgroFood Competitiveness and Technology Centre.


Photo: PortugalFoods stand

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