Portugal to Create New Golden Visa for Social Investments

The Government of Portugal will create a golden visa for investments in equipment and projects to support vulnerable immigrants.

The government wants to “create an instrument for channelling private capital for social investment in immigrant integration projects”, namely “Residence Permits for Social Investment – ​​a change in relation to the scope of Residence Permits for Investment (ARI).

This will include investments made in reception equipment and infrastructure, integration projects and support for immigrants in vulnerable situations”, according to the migration plan, presented last week in Lisbon.

Portugal’s Revised Golden Visa Scheme to Boost Investment Funds

“This extension of the ARI adds to that foreseen in ‘Construir Portugal’ for investment in housing at controlled costs or affordable income”, Portugal News reported.

Furthermore, the Government intends to launch a “system of intermediation and accreditation of social investment, namely through the FAMI (Fund for Asylum, Migration, and Integration)”, the same source added.


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