Port Wine “Protected” in China Under New EU Agreement


Portugal´s Port Wine is one of the protected geographical indications (PGI) for 100 agricultural products, food and wine, protected from imitation under a European Union-China agreement now approved.


“This is the first significant and signed trade agreement between the European Union and China”, the European Council said in a statement after the 27-member summit ended in Brussels on wednesday.


The document, approved by the European Council, will “benefit European producers and should support the rural areas where these products are manufactured”, reads the statement.


The agreement, under discussion since 2010, was signed in November in Beijing by Phil Hogan, then European Commissioner for Agriculture, on the sidelines of the visit to China by French President Emmanuel Macron.


The list includes 100 European food products and 100 Chinese products protected from imitations and usurpation of intellectual property.


The list also includes Port Wine, Irish whiskey, Munich beer and Polish vodka. China gets protection from many teas, like the famous Pu’er, or alcoholic drinks like Moutai.


China is the second largest destination for EU agri-food exports and PGI products represent 9% in value.


The document has yet to be ratified by the European Parliament.

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