New Business Park in Portugal for Chinese Firms to Get Underway by End of Year

Construction of Oeiras business park, in Portugal´s Lisbon district, will begin at the end of the year and should welcome mainly Chinese companies, according to Oeiras Valley Investment Agency (OVIA).

Announcing new collaborations between Portugal and China, António Martins da Cruz, OVIA president said construction is going to start at the end of this year on an 18-building business and housing park in Oeiras.

The project, he added, is a partnership between China Construction, the largest Chinese construction company, and Portugal’s civil engineering company, Teixeira Duarte.

Oeiras Valley Investment Agency and CCILC Sign Deal to Attract Chinese Investment to Portugal

“In principle, this park, when it is finished – which will probably take two or three years – will be mainly to welcome Chinese companies that want to come here,” he added.


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