Legal Update/Angola: Economic Activity Delimitation Law


Angola´s new Law on the Delimitation of Economic Activity, recently approved, is already in force, according to official legal database Legis-PALOP+TL.

Access to Economic Activity is now allowed, to both national and foreign citizens, on equal terms, under the new law.

Legal Update/ Angola: Foreign Companies Offices

It is now foreseen that access to the following activities, which become a relative reserve of the State, may be granted to entities integrated in the private or cooperative sector, under a concession regime:
⦁ Production, distribution and commercialization of war material;
⦁ Exploration of basic sanitation services;
⦁ Collection, treatment and distribution of water for public consumption through fixed networks;
⦁ Production, transport and distribution of electricity for public consumption;
⦁ Basic postal services;
⦁ Exploration of environmental conservation areas;
⦁ Management of infrastructure classified as historical and cultural heritage;
⦁ Exploration of tourist development centers;
⦁ Management and recovery of solid waste from public deposits;
⦁ Infrastructure management related to port and airport activities;
⦁ Exploration of port and airport services;
⦁ Rail transport;
⦁ Regular domestic passenger air transport;
⦁ Exploration of infrastructures that make up the basic telecommunications network; and
⦁ Exploration of telecommunications services.

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