Huawei Portugal to “Develop New Generation of Portuguese Tech Talent”


Huawei Portugal has entered into a new partnership that aims “to develop a new generation of Portuguese talent with technological skills”.

In the framework of developing national talent in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) areas, Huawei Portugal has signed a memorandum of understanding with Associação DNS.PT and the INCoDe.2030 programme, Huawei said.

“Huawei has been working with all stakeholders to leverage the launch of several programmes to support national talent in Portugal,” Steven Cai, vice-president for Western Europe at the technology company, said in a statement. The executive also mentioned the scholarship programme “that will benefit 50 Portuguese university students and intends to be launched this year.”

Portugal to Host Huawei ‘Female Leadership In The Digital Age’ Initiative

The initiative will be carried out with the DNS.PT Association, one of the partners of the Portugal INCoDe.2030 initiative, aimed at improving the country’s positioning and competitiveness to ensure a prominent place in digital skills in the 2017-2030 period, through a set of actions and initiatives to be announced soon.

The goal is to strengthen and consolidate the company’s commitment to developing a new generation of talent with technological skills. This is the latest Huawei’s initiative regarding the education sector in Portugal, which previously included initiatives such as Smart Bus, Seeds for the Future, ICT Academy, and more recently, the 5G lab (5GAIner), to open this year in Aveiro.


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