Chinese Oil Imports From Brazil Surge and Hold Steady From Angola

Chinese oil imports from Brazil surged last year and held steady from Angola, according to Chinese customs data.

China’s overall crude imports for 2023 rose to a record of 563.99 million metric tons, equivalent to 11.28 million bpd.

Imports from Brazil totalled 37.7 million metric tons, an increase of 51.4% compared to the previous year, making the country the 7th biggest supplier to China.

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Angola was the 8th biggest supplier to China, with oil imports at 30 million metric tons, a slight drop of -0.20% compared to the 2023.

Russia leapfrogged Saudi Arabia to become China’s top crude oil supplier in 2023. Russia shipped a record 107.02 million metric tons of crude oil to China last year, equivalent to 2.14 million barrels per day (bpd), the Chinese customs data showed, far more than other major oil exporters such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


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